Rosenbalm Prize Winners

Awards for the 2020 Jack Rosenbalm Prize. Committee members: Jim Caron, Maggie Hennefeld, Albert Laguna We are delighted to recognize … More

CFP for Organization of American Historians

                                                               Call for Papers                                             Open Call in American Humor Studies                                     Organization of American Historians Conference: In-person: March 30-April … More

Pocket Reviews

Horner, William T. and M. Heather Carver.  Saturday Night Live and the 1976        Presidential Election:  A New Voice Enters … More

Works-in-Progress Recordings

American Humor Studies Association Works-in-Progress Conference July 9th   Black Comedy Matters July 16th New Books-in-Progress                                    July 23rd First Books-in-Progress                                        July 30th American Literature Association … More