Report from the AHSA Business Meeting

The AHSA Business Meeting was held on 6/10/21 online. You can read the minutes here:

We had a productive meeting highlighted by a positive report from Studies in American Humor, which continues to put out great content and increase in readership and income.

Todd Thompson reported on the membership and financial status of the organization, which are both healthy. We discussed possible ways to use a current surplus of money (due to pandemic lack of travel) to support members and grow the organization. If you have ideas, please send them on to the governing board.

We then transitioned into talking about the M. Thomas Inge First Book Workshop by paying tribute to Tom, who passed away recently. Judith Yaross Lee, John Lowe, Jim Caron, Bruce Michelson, Tracy Wuster, and Beck Krefting all shared tributes to Tom and his role in starting and shaping the AHSA and–more importantly–for being a generous and supportive colleague to so many. The recording of the entire event can be found here:

The tributes to Tom begin at the 30:00 mark and run for about 10 minutes.

We then discussed the First Book Workshop, which is starting this summer and looks to be an excellent experience. We are in the process of starting the second iteration of the Judith Yaross Lee Mentorship program, which we are excited about. We discussed MLA and a possible conference in Austin, TX for summer of 2023.

We also discussed the goal of increasing transparency of how we select governing board members and how we might also increase diversity on the board and in the association in general. This is a conversation we will continue having and continue to take steps to improve the functioning and representation within the AHSA.

In discussing the governing board, we realized that the terms of Todd Thompson (Secretary/Treasurer) and Tracy Wuster (Executive Director) were up. We developed a plan to find a replacement for Todd who can work with him for a period of time to take on that role. Tracy Wuster was elected for second five-year term, which he indicated will be his final term in that position.

Those are some highlights. Please read the minutes for more. Thanks to Todd for taking notes and for the excellent work he does with membership and money.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Tracy Wuster at

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