Conversation: New Books on Satire (4/16)


For a conversation with the authors of 



Sponsored by the American Humor Studies Association

Hosted by: Beck Krefting, AHSA Vice President

Friday April 16th at 3pm Central Time

Crazy Funny 

Popular Black Satire and the Method of Madness

Lisa A. Guerrero (link)

“This book examines the ways in which contemporary works of black satire make black racial madness legible in ways that allow us to see the connections between suffering from racism and suffering from mental illness.” 


Cover for Morgan: Laughing to Keep from Dying: African American Satire in the Twenty-First Century. Click for larger imageLaughing to Keep from Dying

African American Satire in the Twenty-First Century

Danielle Fuentes Morgan (link)

By subverting comedy’s rules and expectations, African American satire promotes social justice by connecting laughter with ethical beliefs in a revolutionary way. Danielle Fuentes Morgan ventures from Suzan-Lori Parks to Leslie Jones and Dave Chappelle to Get Out and Atlanta to examine the satirical treatment of race and racialization across today’s African American culture.”


Cover image for Satire as the Comic Public Sphere: Postmodern “Truthiness” and Civic Engagement By James E. CaronSatire as the Comic Public Sphere

Postmodern “Truthiness” and Civic Engagement

James E. Caron (Link)

“Tracing the history of modern satire from its roots in the Enlightenment values of rational debate, evidence, facts, accountability, and transparency, Caron identifies a new genre: ‘truthiness satire.’”

And join us for future conversation on 5/14–New books on visual humor

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