New Book Conversation, 3/12


For a conversation with the authors of 



Sponsored by the American Humor Studies Association

Hosted by: Tracy Wuster, Executive Director of AHSa

Friday March 12th at 3pm Central Time

Tragedy Plus Time National Trauma and Television Comedy (link)

By Phil Scepanski

“As the saying goes, “Comedy equals tragedy plus time,” but in the face of tragedies on a national scale, comedy becomes the medium through which audiences untangle accepted understandings of what it means to be American.”

The Joke Is on Us: Political Comedy in (Late) Neoliberal Times (link)

Edited by Julie A. Webber 

“This edited volume brings together scholars of comedy to assess how political comedy encounters neoliberal themes in contemporary media. Central to this task is the notion of genre; under neoliberal conditions …genre becomes “mixed.” Once stable, discreet categories such as comedy, horror, drama and news and entertainment have become blurred so as to be indistinguishable. The classic modern paradigm of comedy/tragedy no longer holds, if it ever did.”

Ethics in Comedy: Essays on Crossing the Line (link)

Edited by Stephen Benko

“All humans laugh. However, there is little agreement about what is appropriate to laugh at. While laughter can unite people by showing how they share values and perspectives, it also has the power to separate and divide. Humor that “crosses the line” can make people feel excluded and humiliated. This collection of new essays addresses possible ways that moral and ethical lines can be drawn around humor and laughter.

And join us for future conversations (4/16– New books on satire; 5/14 New books on visual humor)

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